EDU 268 Content-Based Reading Instruction and Content Area Modules

Content-Based Reading Instruction encompasses language and literacy development in secondary curricula and methods for enhancing that development with multiethnic, multilingual student populations. The interwoven nature of speaking reading, writing, and listening in content area instruction will be explored, with emphasis on the importance of content-based discourse in the development of disciplinary understanding and critical thinking. Course content includes instructional and assessment strategies for students learning English as well as those with special needs. Beginning Fall 2013, the course will be co-taught with an instructor from the Education Specialist credential program and will model strategies for having mulitiple professionals in the classrooms. Content Area Modules for each of the content areas are integrated into this course. These modules address content-specific instructional and curricular strategies. Each candidate is enrolled in his/her specific content area module and works with a Content Area Coach, a current expert teacher in that discipline. (Often cross-listed with EDU 168) Note: Approximately 15 hours of fieldwork in the Content Area Coach's classroom is required. Candidates must have access to transportation to the fieldwork site. Prerequisites: EDU 207, EDU 266, and EDU 267 (Submission of Certificate of Clearance is required for eligibility to complete this course due to the fieldwork component.)




Take EDU 207, EDU 266, and EDU 267