NUR 290 Nursing Research and Methodologies

This course constitutes an in-depth exploration of the research process and strategies. Discussion will surround both quantitative as well as qualitative designs with emphasis on human subjects' protection. Students will prepare the first three chapters of their thesis project proposal. The project will be aimed at solving a practical or clinical problem, or meeting an educational or administrative need in a service or academic setting. The project may include a nursing intervention program, a change project or an educational program that is designed in the form of a class, instructional module, computer program, videotape, or nursing education evaluation tool. Students must obtain written facility approval prior to implementation of the thesis project. This seminar will provide the student with the opportunity to meet with the faculty throughout the term to discuss the progress of the thesis project and to obtain guidance from the course faculty member.




Admission into the MSN program. Successful completion of a mathematical statistics course or research course, NUR 201 and NUR 203.