Associate in Arts Degrees

Through the Associate in Arts Program students have the opportunity to develop academic competencies. Faculty and staff offer learning support in their specialized fields and show concern for the individual student. The fundamental goal of this program is to provide knowledge and skills for an enriched life and the foundation for further education. Students in the AA Program also are able to explore various options in determining careers and the skills necessary for employment.

All courses are transferable to the Mount Saint Mary’s University Baccalaureate degree program unless otherwise stated. Students wishing to transfer to other four year campuses should consult the colleges of their choice about the transferability of courses.

Students who enter the Associate in Arts degree program are required to complete a series of tests including reading, writing and math prior to registering for classes. These proficiency tests must be passed before students may receive their AA degree or transfer to the Baccalaureate degree at the Chalon Campus.

Specializations in the AA Liberal Arts degree are designed to prepare students for transfer to a Baccalaureate program or employment upon graduation.

Four semesters are usually required to complete the AA degree. Students with academic deficiencies may need an additional semester. Students may continue in the AA program for 6 semesters in order to fulfill requirements to graduate or to transfer to the Baccalaureate program. Students must be enrolled in an English course every semester until they have successfully completed ENG 1A and ENG 1B.