Integration of Theory and Practice

The Associate of Arts program integrates theory and practice in an endeavor to relate personal growth and learning to the more practical aspects of life. Opportunities for experience can occur both inside and outside the University.

The Introduction to University Studies course (SPR 85) facilitates the incoming student's adjustment to the demands of university life by teaching skills for personal effectiveness and presenting strong female role models in various careers. Students work in small groups with staff and peer counselors to discuss concerns, explore values and goals, and practice communication skills.

Social Action/Fieldwork extends the learning process beyond campus limits. The student becomes aware of important issues in society. Opportunities are offered for career-related experiences and the blending of theory and practice. In Social Action or Service Learning courses, the student performs supervised volunteer services such as tutoring, hospital volunteer work, child care, home visiting, and the like. In Field Work the student engages in supervised fieldwork as determined by the major.

Required Course: Introduction to University Studies (SPR 85) is required of all freshmen entering university with fewer than 24 units.

Required Course: A student is required to have at least one unit of Social Action (SPR 60) or a course with service learning (SOC 1) or a course with an internship or field work (eg. EDU 39).

Double counting: A course may not fulfill more than one category in Area III. At most three units of the nine unit minimum in Area III may be double counted in other General Studies areas.

SOC 1 may triple count for the following General Studies requirements for the AA degree only : Social and Behavioral Sciences - IIIF, Diversity - VI, satisfaction of Social Action requirement.

Completion of program requirements. (Listed under departments.)

A maximum of four units of SPR and PED combined may be applied to requirements for the Associate degree.

For the Associate degree, 24 semester units must be completed during the last two semesters at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Of these, a minimum of 12 semester units must be in students’ major and earned in regular course work.

In order to participate in commencement exercises, students must have completed all requirements for graduation.

Skill in writing, reading, and basic math as evidenced by satisfactory completion of developmental classes, if required or by passing scores in proficiency tests.

The student must file a graduation application in the Registrar’s Office by the end of the term prior to the term of completion.