Inter-Program Transfer

Mount Saint Mary’s University offers students who begin their studies in the Associate degree program the opportunity to transfer to the Baccalaureate program. Students wishing to transfer must have completed twenty-four transferable units at MSMU with a 2.4 grade point average, have satisfactorily completed developmental courses (if required), have completed ENG 1A, and take the following steps:

  1. The requirements and the Program Change Application can be accessed through the MSMU website by going to: Academics, Undergraduate Associate Programs.
  2. If requesting to transfer to the Liberal Studies major, have the transfer form approved by the Liberal Studies Advisor.
  3. Have completed ENG 1A and be enrolled in ENG 1B (if not already completed) during the first semester at the Chalon Campus.
  4. Submit this form to the Inter-Program Transfer Office to obtain verification of transferable units and cumulative GPA.

Students who transfer prior to receiving their AA degree cannot request it retroactively.

However, if a student is missing no more than 6 units to earn an AA degree and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.4, she may be granted permission to take all of her classes at the Chalon Campus. The student needs to have applied to graduate at the end of the semester and speak to her advisor and the Interprogram Transfer coordinator about her desire to earn an AA degree. She will still be considered an AA degree seeking student (a Doheny student) during that semester. She will apply for an interprogram transfer into the Baccalaureate program during that first Chalon semester.

Students will be notified of their preliminary acceptance into the Baccalaureate program by the Intercampus Transfer Office. Students will be notified of final approval after the verification of semester grades.