A.A. Student Cross-Enrollment at Chalon

Associate of Arts students may take a limited number of units in the baccalaureate program. Ordinarily students admitted to the AA Program do not take classes at Chalon during their first semester. However, if there is need for a sequence course such as art, biology, chemistry, math, or music, a maximum of eight units may be taken during the first two semesters. Unless noted in program requirements, AA students do not take upper division courses until completion of ENG 1B. (Chalon students have priority registration for Chalon classes; Doheny students for Doheny classes.)

After two (2) semesters in the AA Program, students with a 2.4 cum GPA may take a maximum of seven (7) units in the baccalaureate program during their third semester and as many as nine (9) units during their fourth semester.