Academic Advisement Center

Academic Advisement, located at both the Doheny and Chalon campuses, provides multiple services such as coordinating advisement for the traditional undergraduate programs, Pre-Nursing Workshops, Major Exploration, General Studies support, and drop in hours, in order to effectively aid the students on their academic journey. Academic Advisement is dedicated to empowering and educating the whole student. Academic Advisement promotes the student’s program exploration, understanding of academic programs, policies, procedures, and provides guidance for graduation.

All students are assigned an advisor with whom they plan their academic programs. The advisor assists in clarifying general studies and major requirements. Students must meet with their advisor at least once each semester in order to register for classes. Entering students meet with an advisor at Orientation to discuss their first semester courses. Information regarding Orientation is sent to new students after tuition deposits have been made.

Although the Academic Advisement staff and faculty advisors make every effort to provide advisement for the student, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to see that all procedures are followed and requirements fulfilled.