Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center conducts the English Skills Labs, tutors students still working for adeptness in reading, writing, and math proficiencies, and provides professional tutors for general studies areas of the undergraduate curriculum. Students in developmental English writing classes spend an assigned hour a week receiving instruction in diagnosed grammatical and compositional skills not yet mastered. With tutors and computer programs, students also work to acquire a certain proficiency in reading, writing, and basic math. Students may also request a professional tutor or form a study group for other areas of the curriculum, e.g., psychology, philosophy, sociology, math, general science, religious studies. The Learning Resource Center also provides math tutoring for students in the Accelerated B.S.N. and Associate Degree in Nursing Program.

Students are encouraged to make appointments for any extra time they may need with a tutor, but occasionally drop-ins can also be accommodated.