Library Facilities

The Charles Willard Coe Memorial Library, located on the Chalon Campus, is the principal library of Mount Saint Mary’s University. Constructed in 1947, the Coe Library houses the majority of print library materials for both campuses.

The J. Thomas McCarthy Library on the Doheny Campus is housed in the Sr. Magdalen Coughlin Learning Complex. In addition to the library, this building houses the Education Department’s Center for Cultural Fluency and, adjacent to the library, the 24-hour Kelly study room.

The libraries serving the two campuses currently hold over 130,000 titles and carry subscriptions to about 1000 print periodicals titles. (The OIT-administered IMTC contains over 5500 titles of non-print media material.) Print and non-print materials are lent from one campus to the other to accommodate the changing curriculum and to meet the needs of faculty and students, who are also permitted to use both collections in person. Our libraries provide access to Link+, a consortium collection of over 15,000,000 unique book titles, and hold subscriptions to over 40,000 web-based book and periodical titles in all academic subjects. Please consult the Libraries’ Research Resources WebPages for a list of current subscriptions.