Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program is one of MSMU’s partnership programs designed to motivate inner-city high school students to complete high school and aspire to a university education. The ambassadors help high school students understand what skills they need to acquire and what courses to take to qualify for university admission, and assist them with identifying appropriate universitys to which they can apply, completing admissions applications and researching financial aid. The program provides leadership and service opportunities to Mount students by engaging them in outreach in the Los Angeles area. Currently, ambassadors serve in 40 high schools, 5 middle schools, and several Los Angeles City housing developments. By helping these high school students to plan for university, improve study skills and envision satisfying and rewarding careers, Mount students are able to give back to the community while developing their own counseling and time-management skills. The Student Ambassador Program continues a long-standing Mount tradition of service to the local and world community.