The Honors Program

The Honors Program at Mount Saint Mary’s University is designed to offer special challenges to students who have an outstanding high school GPA and SAT scores and/or who maintain a 3.4 or better cumulative university GPA.

The Honors Program enables students to explore in greater depth and breadth various areas of study, with possibilities of completing their university work with alternative modes and approaches to learning. Students may select among courses specially designed for the Honors Program, honors sections of regularly offered courses, and courses or course components designed by contract with an instructor. All honors courses are designated with the letter “H” following the course number.

Honors students may take as many honors courses as they choose. An honors certificate is awarded at graduation to students who have completed a minimum of 18 units of honors work, including at least two regularly scheduled honors courses, and representing at least three disciplines. Included in the 18 units of honors work required for the certificate is a senior thesis which is a major research project of the student's choosing, involving at least two disciplines. The thesis work is supervised by two faculty sponsors. Presentation of the senior thesis is open to the university community.