Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS)

MSMU recognizes that emotional health and personal growth are essential components of a successful academic experience.  The mission of Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) is to enhance the emotional growth and academic success of students by promoting balanced lifestyles, positive self-esteem and essential life skills with an emphasis on the development of the whole person. CPS provides psychological counseling services and psychoeducational programs for students, as well as responsive consultation to the university community. In counseling, students discuss issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, academic concerns, family and relationship problems, grief, loneliness, eating issues, alcohol/drug problems, dating violence and self-esteem difficulties.  Counseling services are available to current MSMU full-time traditional undergraduates, ABSN and ADN students, and Doctor of Physical Therapy students.  After the initial appointment, a recommendation will be made for individual counseling, group sessions, or referrals to services in the community.  Our counseling is short-term, not to exceed 12 sessions per academic year as determined by your counselor.  It may be in the best interest of the client to receive long-term therapy, specialized treatment or other referrals; in these cases, students will be referred out to services in the community.

All sessions are confidential in keeping with professional ethics and state laws. Information about clients is not shared with their families, the faculty, university administrators, or anyone else without the student's written permission. The exception to this policy is when limited disclosure is required by law to protect the student or someone else from harm. Counseling and Psychological Services is staffed by licensed psychologists, advanced doctoral level interns, and postdoctoral fellows.