Women’s Leadership Program

Women's Leadership and Student Involvement (WLSI) offers many opportunities for leadership skill building and development in order to prepare students as leaders in their communities and future careers. Students are encouraged to develop and strengthen their personal, team, group, and citizen leadership skills throughout their time at the Mount. Programs and services offered through our office are available to all full-time traditional undergraduate students.

The Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Activities Council (SAC) on each campus are housed in the WLSI office. SGA is designed to promote and work for the needs of students and the Mount community. Elected and appointed SGA officers serve as the voice of the student body and work to make student-centered change on campus in collaboration with university officials. The Student Activities Council (SAC) is a campus-wide event planning student council made up of students who consider themselves the “Keepers of the Athenian Spirit.”

Information regarding student clubs and organizations can also be found in this office. Resources and services are available for all recognized MSMU clubs/organizations. Freshmen and sophomore students may also apply at the beginning of each year to be part of the Leadership Scholar Program at Chalon or the LEAD Program (Leaders Emerging at Doheny) at Doheny.  Students in these programs have opportunities to develop their leadership potential by taking courses and participating in group service projects and other developmental experiences. 

Women’s Leadership and Student Involvement also sponsors leadership development events such as the annual Women’s Leadership Conference and Leadership Boot Camp. In addition, we offer workshops on a variety of leadership topics and an extensive resource center that features experiential learning activities, self-paced training modules and books on leadership and women’s history.


Each year, WLSI selects students to participate in the Public Leadership Education Network’s (PLEN) seminars in Washington, D.C. Students are able to meet and network with women leaders from a variety of fields in our Nation’s Capital. Applications are available beginning in September.

Orientation for new students is also coordinated through this office. Current students can apply to be summer Orientation Leaders.  O-Leaders act as guides to new students during the orientation program by answering questions and introducing them to college life.  

The following courses in Leadership are taught by program staff:
LWS 1A Introduction to Leadership Concepts Year-long course/Fall & Spring
LWS 1C Orientation Leader Training Spring
LWS 5 Leadership in Action Spring