An Incomplete is given only when a student:

  • has fulfilled the majority of the course requirements,
  • has a passing grade in the classwork,
  • is prevented from completing the assigned work for serious reasons,
  • has consulted the instructor prior to the grading period, and
  • has been assessed by the instructor that he/she can realistically complete the work within one semester.

A student requesting an Incomplete must file a Petition for Incomplete with the signature of the instructor and the department chairperson prior to the day of the final exam. The instructor will assign a default grade when approving an incomplete. This default grade will be recorded on the student's transcript when a completed grade is not assigned by the instructor and/or an extension of the incomplete is not processed. An incomplete may only be extended for one additional semester with the approval of the instructor, the department chairperson, and the appropriate academic dean. (Students may not be given more than two semesters to complete any course.)