Non Degree-Seeking Graduate Students (Non-Matriculating Status)

Students who hold a Baccalaureate degree from accredited colleges or universities are eligible to take courses for unit credit at the University without the intention of pursuing a graduate degree or credential. They may take either undergraduate courses in subjects of special interest or graduate courses for personal or professional development. Students submit an application to Graduate Admissions and complete a registration form. They may be required to provide evidence of possessing a Baccalaureate degree. Their registration is approved by the program advisor. They are expected to observe all policies and procedures of the University while in attendance. If, after taking courses at the University, a student should become an applicant for a degree, a limited number of graduate credit courses (no more than nine units) may be applied to the individual degree program, after the student has been admitted to the Graduate Program. These courses must satisfy the requirements of the program and meet the approval of the program advisor/director and the Graduate Dean. Permission to enroll under a non-matriculating status does not guarantee acceptance to a graduate program at Mount Saint Mary’s University.