Thesis or Project Completion

If a student, after one semester enrollment in EDU 296B, HUM 296B, PSY 295 or 296, or RST 290 or RST 291, has not completed the project or thesis, the student will be required to enroll in a one-unit thesis project continuation course (EDU 297A, EDU 297B, EDU 297C; HUM 297A, HUM 297B, HUM 297C, PSY 297A, PSY 297B, PSY 297C or RST 290A, RST 290B, RST 291A) for the subsequent semesters until the thesis/project is completed. Once three project continuation courses are completed, no other options for completing the masters degree are available. MFA in Creative Writing students are required to successfully complete CRW 296A and CRW 296B. MFA in Film and Television are required to successfully complete FLM 299A, FLM 299B, and FLM 299C.