Admission and Acceptance

After all requirements for admission have been fulfilled, the application and supporting documents will be forwarded to the department housing the graduate program to which the applicant has applied. The evaluation process will be conducted by the Program Advisor or Director, Department Chair, Graduate Dean, and occasionally the Graduate Council.

A written decision of acceptance, conditional acceptance, or non-acceptance will be rendered on the Admission Evaluation Form. A copy of the admission letter will be mailed to the applicant from the Graduate Division Office.

In the event that the applicant's undergraduate record does not include all the required courses or a satisfactory grade point average, supplementary undergraduate work may be required to fulfill the prerequisites of the major department.

After official acceptance into a graduate degree program, masters and doctoral degree students may apply for financial aid from the Student Financing Office of Mount Saint Mary’s University.

An applicant may complete up to 6 units in one semester at MSMU while applying for admission to a Graduate Program in the areas of Education and Humanities (see Non Degree-Seeking Graduate Students section). For Religious Studies requirements, see Graduate Religious Studies. Under certain circumstances a student may petition to complete an additional 3 units prior to the acceptance to any of these programs. No more than nine units taken at Mount Saint Mary’s University before acceptance into a program may be applied to the degree program. Enrollment in courses as a non-matriculating student is subject to the approval of the program advisor, director and/or the Graduate Dean. Permission to enroll under a non-matriculating status does not guarantee acceptance to a graduate program at Mount Saint Mary’s University.