At the end of each term, the student receives a grade in every course of enrollment. All grades, with the exception of I, IP and NG are final when reported to the Registrar's Office at the end of the term. The grade indicates results of examinations, term reports, and general scholastic standing in the entire course, and becomes a part of the student's permanent university record. Once submitted, grades may not be changed unless the result of clerical or procedural error. A student must request a review/change of grade within 30 days after the end of a semester, or within 30 days following the distribution of grades via WebAdvisor containing the grade that the student wishes to challenge. (See procedure in the Student Handbook)

The student's grade point average is computed according to this scale:

A 4.0 Student performance is clearly outstanding.
A- 3.7 Performance indicates sharp insights and an ability to integrate and generalize material beyond the context of the course.
B+ 3.3
B 3.0 Student performance is above average, demonstrating a knowledge of facts and an ability to integrate and apply material within the context of the course.
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0 Student performance is average, demonstrating knowledge of course content and exhibiting an ability to apply basic concepts within the context of the course.
C- 1.7
D 1.0 Student performance is below average, partially fulfilling minimum course requirements. This level of performance may not prepare the student to progress to a more advanced level of study within the subject content or the major. (A grade of D does not satisfy General Education requirements.)
F 0.0 Student performance is unacceptable and does not meet minimum course requirements.

The following are not computed in the GPA:

AU Audit
CR Credit given; work C - or better. For field experience and supervised teaching offered by the Education and Psychology Departments, CR signifies B or better in quality. For clinical experience offered by the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, CR signifies a C or better in quality.
I Incomplete
IP In Progress; deferred grading for graduate thesis, senior project, or undergraduate research work in progress
NC No Credit given; work of D or F in quality. For clinical experience offered by the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, NC signifies a C- or below in quality. For Psychology and Education field work, NC signifies a B- or below in quality.
NG No Grade received; issued by the Registrar pending receipt of the final grade
* Course was repeated at a later date
U Unauthorized withdrawal
W Withdrawn
X Courses taken for Associate degree credit only; not computed in the Baccalaureate degree