Guidelines for Directed Study

Enrollment in regular classroom courses through Directed Study requires the completion of the Directed Study Application, Approval Form and Add Form. With the consent and assistance of sponsoring faculty members, students complete the learning/study goals, content and criteria for evaluation sections of the form, or attach a copy of the regular course syllabus. Upon receipt of required signatures and when filed in the Registrar’s Office, these documents become official records within the student’s academic file. The following apply:

  • Introductory courses within a discipline may not be taken through Directed Study.
  • Directed Study course enrollments are not available to freshmen.
  • No more than two Directed Study and/or Independent Study courses may be taken during a semester.
  • Ordinarily, regularly scheduled courses are not taken through Directed Study.
  • Students must submit all paperwork for registration through Directed Study on or before the end of the drop/add period.