Guidelines for Independent Study

Students assume the responsibility for implementing and presenting the proposed course of study to the sponsoring faculty member for approval and signature through completion of an Independent Study Approval, Application Form and Add Form (available at the Registrar’s Office). When signed by the sponsoring faculty member, academic advisor and student, the document becomes a contract and upon registration becomes an official document in the student’s academic file. During the semester, students are responsible for initiating at least four contacts with the supervising faculty member as well as presenting the final independent study project to the faculty member by the end of the semester of registration. The following apply:

  • Lecture and laboratory courses listed in the catalog may not be taken through Independent Study.
  • At least 30 student study/work hours equals one unit of credit, e.g., students enrolled in a 3 unit course will be expected to devote at least 90 hours to the Independent Study.
  • Independent Study course enrollments are not available to freshmen.
  • No more than two Independent Study and/or Directed Study courses may be taken during a semester.
  • Students must submit all paperwork for a registration through Independent Study, on or before the end of the add/drop period.