Placement Examinations

All incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to complete placement tests in order to assist them in selecting appropriate courses. Information regarding placement testing will be sent to incoming students prior to the beginning of each semester.

All Weekend/Evening College students not receiving transfer credit for Freshman English Composition
and/or college level Math, are required to take placement exams prior to the start of the first semester of
enrollment at Mount Saint Mary's University.

Examinations used to place a student at a level of study may result in lower levels of study being waived. No credit will be awarded as a result of the English and math placement exams.

English scores and placements do not expire and cannot be retaken. Math and language placement exam scores and associated placements expire after two years. Students may only retake a math or language placement exam if their score has expired. Students whose placement scores have expired prior to taking their general studies math or language requirement must take the introductory course or retake the placement exam. Students whose language placement scores indicate eligibility for the third semester of a language are waived from the Modern language requirement (GS-IV) but with no units awarded.