Transfer Students

Students transferring into the University bring different backgrounds, goals, education, and experiences. In recognizing this, special efforts are made to provide academic advisement and program planning that build on the learning the student has already acquired. Careful attention is paid to provide assistance in the scheduling of classes so that major requirements as well as university general education requirements are fulfilled. Transfer students are assigned an academic advisor in the area of their major. Weekend/Evening students are assigned an academic advisor within the Weekend/Evening College office.

Appeals of academic regulations and curriculum requirements are possible where such action seems warranted. Students seeking to appeal regulations, other than course requirements in their major, should obtain a petition from the Registrar's Office. The completed form should be taken to the appropriate dean for approval. Students seeking a substitution or waiver of requirements in their major should obtain the written approval of the departmental chairperson or nursing program director. Copies of this approval should be placed in the students’ permanent files. Students who wish to challenge their Transfer of Credit Evaluation must do so by the end of their first semester at MSMU .