Department Affiliation: Sociology

The Criminology major examines human deviance and behaviors (and their causes) that violate social norms, along with society’s response to it, both a macro and micro perspective. It also examines modes of investigation and the efficacy of punishment and/or rehabilitation as compared with treatment outcomes, deterrence, and societal impact. Finally it looks at the wide range of crime and deviance, its role in society, and its effects and consequences for individuals and society.

Because careers in Criminology cross many occupational areas, we have designed a program that addresses the multi-faceted field. Our courses are taught from a systems perspective that explores criminal behavior as the result of interactions of family, culture, socioeconomic status, social structure, opportunities, socialization, community and environment. This approach allows for an in-depth and holistic understanding of crime, the individual and society.

The major is excellent preparation for careers in law enforcement, probation, crime, prevention, forensic research, law studies, rehabilitation, programs for at-risk populations, homeland security or advanced studies in sociology and criminology.