Designation of Credits and Courses

Courses numbered 1-99 are lower division courses, generally taken by freshmen and sophomores; those numbered 100-199 are upper division courses, generally taken by juniors and seniors, or majors. In order to enroll in any upper division course, a student must first successfully complete ENG 1A and ENG 1B or ENG 5H. Students must also have sophomore standing or the approval of the instructor to enroll in an upper division class. Students must be enrolled in an English composition class each semester until they complete the General Studies written communication skills requirement IA.

Credit for courses whose course numbers include the letter X may not be applied to the Baccalaureate degree.

Courses numbered 200-299 are graduate level, those numbered 300-399 are professional courses, and those between 340-349 are professional credit courses that may be submitted for equivalency evaluation to be applied to a credential or masters program. Courses numbered 400 are used to fulfill DPT requirements.

Courses listed as upper division/graduate (100/200) may be taken for either.

Courses approved for fulfillment of the General Studies curriculum requirements are identified after the course description in each department:

GS-IA Written Communication Skills

GS-IB Oral Communication Skills

GS-II Critical Thinking

GS-IIIA Art or Music

GS-IIIB Literature

GS-IIIC History

GS-IIID Natural and Physical Sciences

GS-IIIE Mathematics

GS-IIIF Social and Behavioral Sciences

GS-IIIG Contemporary Economics or Politics

GS-IV Modern Language

GS-VA1 Religious Studies: Scripture

GS-VA2 Religious Studies: Christian Thought

GS-VA3 Religious Studies: Christian Ethics

GS-VA4 Religious Studies: Religion and Religions

GS-VB1 Philosophy: Philosophical Ideas

GS-VB2 Philosophy: Ethics

GS-VB3 Philosophy: Other

GS-VI Diversity Perspectives

GS-VII Quantitative Literacy

After the last day to add a course as published in the schedule of classes, no changes may be made respective to the level of study.