Education Master of Science, Individually Designed Program in Conjunction with a Clear Credential Program

Private or eligible charter school teachers may pursue a Master of Science in Education in conjunction with a Clear Credential as an Individually Designed Program. Teachers with two or more years of teaching experience may want to complete the Clear requirements in conjunction with the Masters in Instructional Leadership. Up to six units of graduate credit may be transferred from another institution in place of electives.

Required Coursework:(30 units)

Required credential program coursework (4)

EDU 200Research Methods


EDU 296AMasters Project Proposal


EDU 296BMasters Project


Education Specialist: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A master’s degree with an emphasis in deaf and hard of hearing is also offered through our partnership with the John Tracy Clinic in Los Angeles. The master’s degree with emphasis in deaf and hard of hearing provides birth to 22 credential preparation. The master’s degree is embedded in the deaf and hard of hearing credential program. Candidates use an action research inquiry based model to demonstrate their credential and master’s degree competency through two capstone projects.