The English major explores the way people communicate and how they reflect on their existence. It gives sustained training in critical thinking and writing, creative self-expression, and the perceptive reading of literature. Working from a foundation in theory and criticism of literature, students select courses in writing and literature, and may design their own independent study and directed reading courses in areas of special interest. Because English majors get extensive experience in analyzing, solving problems, researching, organizing, studying human behavior, and above all writing and speaking with clarity and self-confidence, they have the background for a wide variety of careers. These include law, business management, journalism, public relations, teaching, public administration, and many areas of writing. Internships in the field of the student's career interest are highly recommended. Students are encouraged to combine their English major with a second major or minor, in order to combine the liberal arts emphasis with a professional preparation. English and Business offer a combined major (see below). Students interested in law are encouraged to select a second major in American Studies, Philosophy, or Political Science, and to complete the Pre-Law Minor. Other desirable minor programs include Business and the sequence of core courses in Public Administration (POL 185, 186, and 187).