Film, Media and Social Justice B.S.

Our Mount Saint Mary’s University Film, Media & Social Justice Program offers a strong liberal arts and social science educational foundation, in which the students learn the skills, equipment, and latest industry software to develop and produce media content that promotes positive social change.

The foundation of this mission is rooted in the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, founders of Mount Saint Mary’s University. Beginning in Le Puy, France, over 350 years ago, the sisters have served the world as strong social justice advocates and activists, working to improve the lives of the world's underrepresented populations and the most vulnerable among us.

Required Core Courses

FLM 101Introduction to Film


FLM 131Film Media and Social Justice


FLM 132History of Film


FLM 135Mass Media


FLM 198Senior Capstone


FLM 197AInternship



FLM 176AIndependent Project


Plus 7 additional Film courses

Total Credit Hours:39

FLM 176: by approval of Program Director