Department Affiliation: Sociology

The Gerontology major is interdisciplinary and grounded in the excellent liberal arts tradition of Mount Saint Mary’s University. All required courses for the major, minor and certificate are available in an online format. This means the program core requirements (as listed below) can be completed via distance learning.

Gerontology consists of an exploration of the biopsychosocial dimensions of life course development, with a focus on the rapidly expanding aging population of the United States. In the twenty-first century, careers in gerontology are projected to expand rapidly, with demand remaining high over the next several decades.

As a gerontologist, career options include case management and care management, social work, non-profit or for-profit management, and more. The Gerontology major provides excellent preparation for working with elders in a variety of settings and for graduate studies in social work, gerontology, public policy, the law, and research.

Along with the Major in Gerontology, a Minor and Certificate Program are also available.