Journalism and New Media

Department Affiliation: Film, Media & Communication

Media is no longer limited to the traditional forms of television, radio, and movies. The internet and new technology have taken media to a whole new level.

The Journalism and New Media Major at Mount Saint Mary’s University gives our students a solid foundation in writing and critical skills, along with a thorough education in television, radio, film, and the ever-growing world of the internet. 

We give our students a foundation to become the new voices in society, so they participate and have a profound, meaningful influence upon the world. 

From news writing and investigative journalism to social issue reporting and ethics, students in the Journalism and New Media program learn the skills to identify and give a voice to the world’s most important issues. You will work within a multi-disciplinary environment with Journalism, Film and Media, English, and  Sociology teams who are committed to producing eloquent and creative writers with a passion to tell a story.