Liberal Studies Major Requirements

All courses taken as part of the major must be approved by the Liberal Studies advisor during the official advisement period.


  • 9 units in composition (e.g., ENG 1A and ENG 1B or ENG 5H, and ENG 105)
  • One course in speech (e.g., SPE 10)
  • 3 units in linguistics (ENG 102)
  • Courses in language other than English to meet Mount Saint Mary’s University Modern Language requirements (See Required Courses in this catalog.) Spanish recommended.
  • One course in children's literature
  • 3 units in literature (upper division recommended)

Mathematics and Science

  • 6 units in mathematics (e.g., MTH 50 and MTH 51)
  • 3 units in biological science (e.g., BIO 67)
  • 4 units in physical science, including the study of physics, chemistry, space and earth science (e.g., PHS 2A and PHS 2B)
  • 3 units in health science (e.g., BIO 10)
  • One course in computer processes and applications

Social Science and History

  • 6 units in U.S. history and government. (e.g., HIS 106 and POL 1)
  • (Candidates for the California teaching credential must complete 2 units of study of the U.S. Constitution.)
  • 3 units in world history (e.g., HIS 3 or HIS 103 or HIS 112)
  • 3 units in cultural geography (HIS 25)
  • 3 units in sociology (e.g., SOC 160, SOC 161)
  • 3 units in California history (HIS 188)


  • 15 units are required to meet General Studies requirements at Mount Saint Mary’s University.
  • Recommended for Liberal Studies majors: Inclusion of RST 61 as one of the courses.

Fine Arts

  • 4 units in art (a course in art appreciation or history and ART 145)
  • 4 units in music (a course in music appreciation and MUS 130)
  • 1 unit in drama and dance (INT 194A)

Physical and Health Education

Human Development


  • EDU 100 Introduction to Liberal Studies (1)
  • EDU 101 Exploration of Liberal Studies (0.5)
  • EDU 102 Integrative Seminar in Liberal Studies (1)
  • EDU 106 School and Society (2)

The EDU 100, EDU 101, and EDU 102 courses provide opportunities for students to reflect on their integrative program of study and are required for candidates in a concurrent program of teacher preparation with a Liberal Studies major. EDU 106 enables students to participate in introductory experiences related to teaching in public school settings. This course is required for candidates in a concurrent program of teacher preparation regardless of their major.

Students in the Liberal Studies Major complete a subject matter portfolio demonstrating their knowledge and skills in the areas of study included in the major. According to State of California regulations, the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) is a required component of the MSMU Liberal Studies major for candidates in a concurrent program of teacher preparation. Passing scores are required for enrollment in supervised teaching.  However, passing scores are not required for the degree.