Online Associate Degrees Programs

Online Associate degrees offered at Mount Saint Mary’s University are listed below.

Degrees Offered

Associate of Science with majors in:

Business Administration

Liberal Arts

Associate of Science with majors in:

Computer Science (anticipated Fall 2016)

Pre-Health Science

Students are governed by the catalog under which they enter MSMU Online Associates Program. If subsequent catalogs have changes in major or general studies requirements, which are in the students’ favor, they may be substituted at the option of the student. Changes in University policies and procedures apply to all students.

Graduation with Honors (Associate in Arts and Science Degree)

Graduation with Honors shall be granted to a student who has earned the Associate in Arts degree and achieved a cumulative 3.5 grade point average at the end of term prior to the last term of attendance.

The student's grade point average will be calculated on the basis of grades earned at Mount Saint Mary's, as well as university course credits and grades earned prior to the time of matriculation.

Courses completed at another institution after matriculation are not computed into the cumulative grade point average.

Students must meet the general education and major degree requirements of the catalog under which they matriculated. In addition to the degree requirements, students must follow the academic requirements, policies, and procedures in place in the current catalog. Such requirements include but are not limited to course prerequisites, minimum grades for transfer work, probation and dismissal requirements. For more information on policies and procedures refer to the Academic Information section of the catalog.