Contemporary psychology is an empirical science actively pursuing basic research and applications in school settings, the workplace, and the treatment of personal problems in private life. The curriculum for the psychology major consists of courses critically examining the basic theories, findings, and applications of psychological research. Training is geared toward preparing students for later advanced studies. In addition to the major, the University offers a minor in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, with specializations in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), General Counseling Psychology (GCP) or Mental Health Administration (MHA; on hiatus). Within the MFT program, the ¡Enlaces! Certificate is available for students who want advanced training in counseling the Spanish speaking client.

Psychology: Undergraduate

Mission Statement

The Psychology Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University is teaching-oriented and student focused. Our goals for students, and our curriculum, reflect our concern that students have a broad knowledge base in psychology. This program prepares majors to develop as strong critical thinkers, researchers, exemplary communicators, informed and participatory citizens, and effective leaders. We value the ethical application of psychology in counseling settings, in the research laboratory, and as part of community service. The mission of the Psychology Department is to prepare our students to pursue advanced study, or to apply psychological knowledge in a variety of professions.