Applied Psychology B.A., Assessment Goals and Outcomes

Students earning the B.A. in applied psychology will achieve the following goals and outcomes:

Goals Outcomes
Disciplinary Content Knowledge
Be conversant with the major theoretical aspects of psychology and have a contextual understanding of human behavior.
1. Show proficiency in five of eight major content areas in the discipline of psychology: applied, developmental, social, personality, abnormal, biological, educational, health, and positive psychology.
Communicate effectively in writing.
2. Compose a theoretically-based essay.
Research Competence
Become an informed consumer of scientific claims.
3. Evaluate scientific claims in the popular media
Counseling Skills
Demonstrate basic counseling skills.
4. Demonstrate accurate listening skills
5. Distinguish subjective from objective observations of human behavior
Career/Professional Knowledge and Attitudes, Professional Development
Understand the role of psychology in society, core elements of professional ethics, and career paths.
6. Demonstrate understanding of basic elements of professional ethics in applied psychology contexts.
7. Define career paths and develop skills relevant to pursuing them.
8. Demonstrate interpersonal awareness and sensitivity to differences and similarities in the way people are treated due to gender, race, ethnicity, culture, class, and sexual orientation.