Meal Plans

Residents have three (3) Meal Plan options to choose from including flex funds:

  • Platinum Plan
  • Gold Plan
  • Silver Plan

Flex Funds - Flex funds can be used to purchase additional meals if you desire more than the allotted weekly rate to purchase coffee blends at the Café Bar or to purchase meals for friends and family. Flex funds can be used at the dining rooms of both campus. There will be no refund of any unused Flex funds and funds do not carry over to the next semester.

Commuter Meal Plan - Commuter students can save money and enjoy the convenience of a flexible dining plan by purchasing a Mount Saint Mary's Commuter Meal Plan. By purchasing a meal plan, Mount dining dollars are programmed onto your ID card. Only Mount dining dollars offer non-resident students the opportunity to get 10% back when loading their card and save and additional 9.00% (sales tax) at all on-campus dining locations. Mount dollars are not refundable, however, any unspent Mount dollars remain valid in a separate account available to use as long as you are enrolled.