Course Fees

Education Courses Art Supplies
EDU 33/EDU 133 The Visual and Performing Arts for the Young Child 


Supervised Teaching Courses

EDU 116A, EDU 316A, EDU 164A, EDU 364A, EDU 378A
EDU 116B, EDU 316B, EDU 364B, EDU 164B, EDU 378B
EDU 239B, EDU 245A, EDU 245B $150.00/course

Portfolio Evaluation 
EDU 225D
EDU 225B $50.00/course

Nursing Lab Fee 
Art Lab Fee $56.00/class
Film Lab Fee $27.00/class 

FLM 119, FLM 133, SOC 133, FLM 139A, FLM 139B, FLM 139C, FLM 139D, FLM 140, FLM 143A, FLM 143B, FLM 143C, FLM 144, FLM 145A, FLM 145B, FLM 145C, FLM 147A, FLM 147B, FLM 147C, SOC 147A, SOC 147B, SOC 147C, FLM 152A, FLM 152B, FLM 157, FLM 159A, FLM 159B

MFA Production Kit Fee

FLM 210A


Enrichment Courses

For 1 unit course $128.00
For 2 unit course $204.00
For 3 unit course $306.00

Applied Music

See Music Department for further information.


Music Majors
MUS 15/MUS 115

                     $679 per semester
Music Minors
MUS 13/MUS 113
$583 per semester
Non-music Major or Minor $750 per semester
(Includes 10 lessons per semester)
Part-Time Instructor fee plus course fee $139 per unit 

Course Challenge by Examination

Course Challenge Fee $131.00

(If successfully passed, the cost of the units awarded will be one-half the unit cost of the course as stated in the current MSMU Catalog.)


Summer Skills