Financial Aid

Mount Saint Mary’s University is committed to making a university education accessible to as many qualified students as possible, regardless of their financial means. Students and their parents are encouraged first to consider all possible resources when planning to meet the expenses of a university education. Through various financial aid programs, the Student Financing Office will help in the best possible way to provide students with the difference between the family contribution and the cost of education.

Mount Saint Mary’s University administers financial aid in accordance with Federal Government guidelines. These guidelines are based on the principle that students and their parents have the primary responsibility in meeting educational expenses to the extent they are able. Financial aid funds are then used to fill the gap between what the family is expected to contribute (including the student's own earnings) and the annual cost of education.

To apply for Financial Aid, all students must follow the instructions and requirements sent to them by the Admission Office or Office of Student Financing. Financial Aid brochures giving complete application and program information may be obtained by writing to or calling the Office of Student Financing on the Chalon or Doheny campuses.