Student Employment

On-Campus Student Employment

Work study money is earned from employment on campus. Students who qualify receive a paycheck every two weeks for the hours worked and may use the earnings to make tuition payments, pay for books and supplies, or pay for personal expenses.

Both Federal University Work Study and Mount Work Study (institutionally funded) provide excellent learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students who participate in either program may choose to work in a variety of on-campus sites. These include: the Office of Student Financing, the Admission Office, Campus Ministry, the Library, departmental offices and laboratories. Through “hands on” experiences in these offices, students develop valuable skills which may later translate to professional settings.

Off-Campus Student Employment

The Career Services and Internship Office at Chalon and the Career Center at Doheny have job boards which list a wide variety of off-campus employment opportunities.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements

All financial aid recipients must be regularly admitted students with degree, or in some cases credential or certificate, objectives. While receiving financial aid, students must be advancing toward their educational objectives at a reasonable rate and must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average.