Sexual Harassment

Mount Saint Mary’s University recognizes and values the inherent human dignity of every individual. MSMU is committed to creating and maintaining a collegial environment which does not allow sexual harassment within or connected to the operation of this institution. Sexual harassment, in all its forms, will not be tolerated and MSMU is committed to ensuring that all faculty, staff, and students are given a safe and comfortable environment in which to develop and work to their full capacity. MSMU will take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment: to educate members of the university community about the issue; to promptly respond to allegations of harassment; and to discipline those who do not comply with the MSMU policy. Faculty, staff, and students have a legal right to raise the issue of sexual harassment without fear of retaliation. Supervisors shall take every complaint of sexual harassment seriously and all complaints will be appropriately investigated. Procedures for administration of this policy are described in the appropriate section of the Faculty Handbook, the Staff Handbook, and the Student Handbook.

For a complete description of the procedures for administration of the MSMU Sexual Harassment Policy, see the Student Handbook or request a copy of the document from the Office of Student Affairs.