Technology Policy

This policy encompasses the use of the computer network and non-networked campus computers, e-mail, voice-mail, phone systems, Internet, Intranet, and the World Wide Web.

In support of its mission of preparing students for leadership in society and encouraging them to develop the intellectual competence and receptivity to new ideas necessary for concerned citizenship, the University maintains technology systems that allow students, faculty, administrators, and staff to pursue academic excellence and innovation through technology. The intent of this policy is to set down guidelines for all users of technology at Mount Saint Mary’s University. This policy will be included in the Student Handbook, the Faculty Handbook, and the Staff Policies and Procedures Handbook. Violations by students will be evaluated by Student Affairs; violations by staff will be evaluated by the department head or Human Resources; and violations by faculty will be evaluated by the Academic Vice President. Cases potentially involving constitutionally protected free speech will be reviewed by the Academic Freedom Committee.

In keeping with the Catholic tradition of the University, all technology users are expected to uphold high ethical standards and adhere to the policy guidelines set out in the policy. Those violating the Technology policy may face penalties that may include restrictions on their use of technology or more severe sanctions, if circumstances warrant. All users of Mount Saint Mary’s University computer technology must sign a User Agreement which states that they understand and agree to abide by the policy. For a complete document of the policy, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.