SJSD 1 Introduction to Social Justice and Sexual Diversity

This foundational course will provide an understanding of the significance of sexual diversity for the pursuit of social justice. The course will examine key elements of social justice, including the dignity of the person, equity, fairness, and solidarity, as well as critical concepts to expose the violation of justice through oppression, exploitation, and other forms of alienation. A variety of social justice traditions will be examined, with special attention given to Catholic Social Teachings. A firm foundation in social justice thought will provide the student with tools to weigh the claims to social justice by sexually diverse populations. Key concepts of sexual diversity will be examined and may include sexual orientations, sexual identities, gender identifications, the economics of sexuality, rights and responsibilities in marriage and alternative forms of sexual relationships, intersectionality, interracial relationships, the racialization of sexuality and the sexualization of race, the use of gendered and sexual rhetoric in social justice argumentation, etc.